Friday, July 23, 2010

the studio

artist work spaces are fascinatig.  i love seeing where and how people work.  i am thinking about finishing out my garage and turning it into work space.  the space i am in now has amazing 14ft ceilings, sublime light.  i have mixed feelings about giving up the space itself and giving up a certain physical and psychological distance between home and work,

i think of all these, this is my favorite space

I like the dog on the floor under the table.  i wish my dog would come to work with me.  she hates my studio.  the building is very close to train tracks and the noise and vibration of trains going by terrifies her

the black and white photo makes in even more serene

who could work in this space with the amazing view?  is it a studio or a boat?

this happens to be ross bleckner's studio, pretty serene

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